Solution in a nutshell: all about value for advertisers and ad space owners

Watching out for the interests of publishers and marketers

With the idea in mind to establish close connections between brands and their product or service consumers thus taking digital advertising to the next level, our client reached out to Oxagile and suggested proceeding with the online advertising exchange development.

The video advertising and monetization platform was conceived as a tool to make life easier for publishers, advertisers, marketers, and media buying agencies through:

  • Assistance in achieving or even exceeding their KPIs
  • Maximizing ad yields
  • Easy ad inventory management and selling/buying

Key powers of the video ad and monetization platform

Comprehensive multi-level reporting

Oxagile’s BI specialists provided platform end users with an all-round picture of ad campaign success thanks to generating actionable dashboards.

Clear data visualization

Both sophisticated and easy-to-grasp graphs and charts — as our experienced BI team have decided on the most appropriate business intelligence tools, system users capture all metrics and figures in a matter of second.

Cross-platform video player for better ad monetization

A video player became another branch of development to accompany the client on their way to reaching two objectives at once — design the solution aimed to deliver interactive in-stream video ads in a 360-degree format and distribute the player across third-party websites.

Wide spectrum of features

  • HLS live streaming
  • Support for the VR mode
  • Gyro control
  • Easy-to-use player builder

New level of advertising

  • VAST and VPAID compatibility
  • Interactive in-stream video ads delivery
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad placement

Smooth integration with

  • Third-party websites
  • Manifold web browsers and mobile devices
  • JW Player and JS Player
Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Effort and Duration
9 months, 27 man-months
PHP, Yii framework, jQuery, Apache, MySQL, Hadoop, JavaScript, Hammer.js, Three.js, Video.js, Canvas, Bootstrap, nginx