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Citizen Science

Research in the polar regions is notoriously expensive and limited due to remoteness and seasonal accessibility, so travelling to Antarctica with an IAATO operator provides an exceptional opportunity to support science.

Citizen science is the collection of data by polar travelers and guides for projects developed by professional scientists.

By harnessing the collective power of this community, we are contributing towards globally important research while creating fun, hands-on learning opportunities for guests. This can deepen their understanding of, and appreciation for, Antarctica’s special values. Ultimately, these two elements can contribute towards the ongoing conservation of the continent and the surrounding ocean that we all love.

IAATO and the Polar Citizen Science Collective work together to bring you information on how to incorporate a successful citizen science project into your operation. It includes straightforward guidance and a list of tried and tested projects developed by, and in collaboration with, scientists from recognised institutions. Most projects can be incorporated into your itinerary without the need for additional permits or authorisation, but always check with your operator and, if necessary, your competent authority.

The Polar Citizen Science Collective and IAATO Secretariat can offer further support. If you have any questions about projects or issues accessing resources please email or

Thanks, and happy sciencing – Antarctic is where science is at its coolest!

Citizen Science Projects

Section 16 of the IAATO Field Operations Manual (Supporting Science) provides a ‘how to’ document and list of recommended projects.

This includes:

  • Secchi project
  • Happywhale
  • Antarctic Site Inventory
  • GLOBE Clouds
  • Polartag